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Keeping personal belongings and property safe from theft and the elements is an important thing if you are leaving the area for a while or just need some extra storage room. It is for this reason that many choose Mid-Maine Storage for our secure self storage units. We keep all of our customers' personal belongings safe from both prying eyes and the weather in our residential storage units and commercial storage units. There is no wonder why we are the top name in storage in the Richmond, ME area! If you need a self storage unit and are in the Gardiner, Augusta or Bowdoinham, ME areas, remember, you are a short drive from our Richmond, ME location!  WE DO NOT HAVE STORAGE UNITS LOCATED IN AUGUSTA, BOWDOINHAM OR GARDINER, ME!

We have one convenient location! Mid-Maine Storage is located at the corner of Route 197 and Ridge Road, in Richmond, ME. We are conveniently located 12 miles from Topsham and 15 miles from Augusta, ME

Exclusive Commercial and Self Storage unitsCommercial Storage Units Richmond, ME

Is the clutter in your apartment driving you crazy? Mid - Maine Storage offers self storage units that deliver worry-free storage solutions for both residential and commercial customers. Our modern amenities are designed to offer security and convenience. We also have on-site experts to provide immediate assistance! Conveniently located in Augusta, ME, we provide affordable self storage units that offer great value, security, and space, in addition, to a wide variety of packing supplies for sale.

We offer self storage units, moving, and relocation needs. Many local businesses in the Gardiner, ME area also use Mid - Maine Storage to move offices or rent self storage units to store their items during the renovation process. We offer every customer value, convenience, security, and seamless service from A-Z. Need a hand choosing supplies to get you started? We carry a wide selection of moving box sizes and packing supplies to help you get the job done.

We offer commercial and residential storage units. Units are available 24/7 for: short-term, long-term, apartment dwellers, business owners, contractors, homeowners, sales professionals and students. You lock it, you keep the key.  Our unit sizes are 5X10, 5X12, 10X10, 10X12, 10X16, and 10X20.

Traditional self storage units are the first option to handle your self storage needs. There are many self storage facilities that offer different size rooms and options which can accommodate practically anything you will need to store. Most of the self storage facilities will even offer some help moving your items from your home to the facility for a small fee. 

Over the years people unconsciously acquire things. The clutter or excessive furniture, artwork, or books only get noticed when it is time to move. Then you have to find an answer to the problem. Well you can take everything with you, or donate things to family, friends, or charity, or have a garage sale, or put things into storage. 

Self Storage Units Richmond, ME Self Storage Units Richmond, ME Residential Storage Units Richmond, ME
Residential Storage Units Richmond, ME

Residential Storage Units Richmond, ME Standard sizes of our units are 5X10, 5X12, 10X10, 10X12, 10X16, and 10X20.  Find out how many items each kind can store. For example a 10 X 20 can hold most things from a two bedroom house while a 5x10 will hold a couch, chair, chest of drawers, small boxes, bicycles, and motorcycles

Pack all the items to be stored in weather resistant strong boxes with padding like bubble wrap if there are breakables. Make a key list of what each box contains. Decide on a priority list of items you will likely and unlikely need/use. Unlikely needed items are stored at the bottom or back of the storage unit and likely needed items will be stored in front and on top of easy access. 

Call us today for a free quote at 207-737-4500 or 1-800-696-6015. We will be happy to answer any storage related questions you may have. 

While Mid-Maine Storage is located in Richmond, ME and only has storage units in this location, we proudly serve Richmond, ME, and the surrounding areas. We are only a short drive from Gardiner, ME, Augusta, ME and Bowdoinham, ME and the surrounding towns. Keeping personal belongings and property safe in self storage units from theft and the elements is important if you are leaving the area for a while or just need some extra storage room. It is for this reason that many choose Mid-Maine Storage for our secure self storage units. We keep all of our customer’s personal belongings safe from both prying eyes and the weather. There is no wonder why we are the top name in storage in the Richmond, ME area. Check out our storage units at the corner of Route 197 and Ridge Road, Richmond, ME. We offer residential and commercial storage units.

Self Storage Units Bowdoinham, ME Self Storage Units Augusta, ME Self Storage Units Gardiner, ME Self Storage Units Richmond, ME

Products & Services

Storage rental units for various size needs:

5X10, 5X12, 10X10, 10X12, 10X16, 10X20

10 Reasons Why Self Storage is a Smart Idea:

RV storage.jpg RV storage 2 boat storage

There are many reasons why you may consider self storage. First and foremost there is moving which means a lot of thought about what to do with things you cannot take with you and are too precious to be given away. Traditionally people left such things in their own house if they owned it. Or, requested by family or friends to store the things for them. This meant obligations and favors and if you ever wanted to retrieve anything you would have to go at a convenient time and so on. The other reasons are an expanding family or business, office needs, collectibles and so on. 

Self storage units are a great idea and extremely convenient. They can be found in residential and office districts as well as along highways. 

Storage is an intelligent choice because:

1. You can store the things close to where you plan to live. 2. Rent only as much space as you need, and have free access 24/7. 3. Don’t worry about safety as most units have great security arrangements and take care of things like weather proofing and security. Many units are climate controlled so that you can store antiques and art without worry about damp or cold. In cold regions the units are heated. 4. The units are cost effective and you can choose sizes as well as time-frame. 5. If you have a self storage unit you can store valuables there while repairing or painting your home. 6. In case you run a business out of your home or apartment the self storage unit could be a repository for office supplies and goods. 7. The self storage unit could help you de-clutter your home by storing all excess furniture, books, and decorative items. 8. If you are selling your home before relocating, the storage unit could be an ideal place to store your things. It will give you time to sell your old home, choose a new one, and to make all the arrangements necessary. 9. If you have a hobby say like collecting art, kits or carved boxes, then a self storage unit would create a place for you to safely store your treasures. Your hobby will not be an annoyance to other members of your family. 10. If you are an athlete and play different sports during different seasons then you will over time gather a great deal or equipment which will clutter up your home, apartment, or garage. If you use a self storage unit you can store all unused equipment safely.

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